17. 16. 22. 5.

Yay, someone asked me something!

17. Something I regret.

I regret quitting my other orgs in college. And not joining CompSat, haha. Mainly because I would have learned a lot of things and skills from that org that I need right now. Besides, I would have met cool people earlier on! 

16. a drunken story

Ohhh. Well, there is this one time that a guy flirted with me and I flirted back not knowing he was taken already. (Well, he was being really malandi). A few days later, someone told me he had a girlfriend and I was absolutely horrified.

Lesson learned. :(

22. 5 things I want to change

(a) maybe my job hahaha
(b) some things about my past

that’s it, really.

5. weird things I do when I’m alone

I do a lot of weird things and usually, I’m weirder with my friends. I don’t keep my weirdness to myself. Like that time I was just so stressed out emotionally and mentally from thesis and life that while in the ID Lab with James, I just lied down on the floor and put my legs up on the chair as if the world just rotated itself. Stayed like that for a while trying to think (I don’t remember what for). 

James should answer this question because he’s witnessed all my weird things.

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