Yesterday I was sick and every time I tried to go to nap, the client would call so I gave up trying. (He wanted me to do the littlest things like rename shop stocks and add descriptions and rename WordPress posts it’s not even funny. I didn’t really have a contract to prevent it from happening, which is bad, I know.) Eventually I ended up crying while working; I was so sad Charlie came to pick me up so we could just work in Katipunan together.

By the evening I was still pretty sick but at least I was cheered up. Finished 90% of work needed and had French onion soup and salad for 9pm dinner (we got shrimp-garlic pizza from Yellow Cab for 6pm lunch). By the time I was home I was feeling a bit better and I promised Charlie not to dwell so much on the negative feelings I had that morning.

He’s doing me a lot of good, I say. :) I’ve always been the (irrational) emotional one and he the calm one.

Working together yesterday worked well for both of us since he was also stressed by the insane requirements and revisions a nightmare client Madbanana had. I think by 7pm my client has stopped calling me completely and by that time I could hug Charlie while he worked. 

Today I’m taking a break from life and staying at home. 

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