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  • Versions

    Versions is an interesting video (which was originally from his exhibition, I think) by Oliver Laric that I encourage you to watch. It presents how images are replicated over time. Seventeen Gallery: In related speculation framed by a documentary video installation that forms the second and final element of the exhibition (also titled ‘Versions’), Laric […]

  • Long ago on a night of danger and vigil

    The title of this post came from Marge Piercy’s poem, If They Come in the Night (which is also the title of the blog for now). The second stanza is particularly spot-on for me: I said, I like my life. If I have to give it back, if they take it from me, let me […]

  • Stop-motion in a world of books

    Vicky shared this stop-motion video at her blog: Wasn’t that just awesome? :D You have to also visit and look at the production stills. It would be fantastic if I could do something amazing like this with my friends. The “stage” and everything was just…wow. The video was just so brilliantly made.

  • And down below old memories come alive

    If there’s any other stop-motion out there worth spending some minutes watching it’s THIS. Even as an advertisement, this was pretty much genius. The stop-motion is not an original technique anymore BUT the challenge lies in how to use stop-motion to present something that can still be called unique. This would have been perfect for […]

  • AdStrat project over!

    Finally, our AdStrat presentation is done! We had our weakness but I think the prof liked our idea anyway. Which makes me excited because maybe advertising will actually be fun, if you’re working with the right people. My group mates are just awesome (except for one guy who was stupid enough to plagiarize his part […]

  • Design Currency

    I think this is an amazing video, promoting Design Week Vancouver whose theme is “Design Currency.” Although we were talking about transactional art in Cyber Arts class yesterday, this uses “currency” in a different context: value of design. And it’s not that easy. When we went to the Singapore Art Museum and to another exhibit […]

  • I miss being part of a production

    This is one of the AVPs Gino P. (Indioboy Productions) and his team made (with which I did production design for!): I really, really miss being part of a production team. There’s this group in my Cyber Arts class (you can say we make videos, but it’s more…inclined to art than anything else) and they’re […]

  • Things are going to get crazy

    With Photoshop developing Content-Aware Fill, any 2nd grader can edit their photos and no one will need a professional photographer or editor anymore. Photography “skills” will be a thing of the past. It’s sad, it’s crazy, it’s terrifying. Meanwhile, I realized my portfolio is so lame. I’m so lame. I don’t have any designs you’d […]