This is one of the AVPs Gino P. (Indioboy Productions) and his team made (with which I did production design for!):

I really, really miss being part of a production team. There’s this group in my Cyber Arts class (you can say we make videos, but it’s more…inclined to art than anything else) and they’re really great. They made me feel the excitement from watching an amazing video. We were only going to make two videos in class and I loved both of their projects. One was a video adaptation of one of Hemmingway’s works, and another was an installation that I can’t even say how well-thought of their execution was.

My group’s ok, but I miss working with people who really know what they’re doing. I guess I got used to working with people like Charlie, Gino, Ayo, Jan, and all my other fantastic friends that I had to lower a bit of my expectations when I’m working with beginners (I’m totally clueless when it comes to anything beyond production design).

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