It’s been a week since I last blogged and oh gawd, despite the fact that this week started with a “holiday” (and I didn’t even have plans then), I feel too tired right now that it’s so unfair C feels great (he’s supposedĀ to be the tired one).
August started with a calm, AND THEN PICKED UP AN UNBELIEVABLE FAST PACE as I got busy with work, and more work. It ended with a calm (a lazy Tuesday) and a familiar note. Monday was the first day of shooting for Anna Lou’s thesis film “Hacked.” It’s possibly my last production design this year, […]
This is one of the AVPs Gino P. (Indioboy Productions) and his team made (with which I did production design for!): I really, really miss being part of a production team. There’s this group in my Cyber Arts class (you can say we make videos, but it’s more…inclined to art than anything else) and they’re […]