Design Hiatus

Following a depressing night, I’ve decided to take a hiatus on designing.

I honestly hate how I got here. I’m not over some heartbreaks, and that includes feeling useless and a lot of hate towards myself. My design portfolio used to be filled with posters and whatever I did in college, and it’s a phase in life that’s filled with too much regrets, bad vibes, and shitty memories. There was a (possible misunderstanding? Or whatever.) from a few months ago that made me feel really hurt and also stripped from me one of the things I used to be proud of. I’ve been half-hearted towards design these past few months and I’m just starting to hate everything I make.

Whatever design projects I have now I’ll finish. Otherwise, I’m focusing on other things. Things that are less artsy. Less like the culture of most people I used to be friends with. I started with quitting production design. I might as well take a break off from graphic design or things like that. Right now, design makes me depressed and it’s not fun for me anymore.

I’m working as a User Interface Designer, and I think that’s the most I want to be involved with design right now. Corporate, yes, good. Not art. No art. But I’m trying to find opportunities to learn programming and I’m going to invest in that.

A different field, different people, and hopefully a different ‘me’.


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