good day saturday

sometimes you have one of the more interesting conversations over nothing. sometimes not even food, not alcohol, not anything but people sitting on the same couch jumping from one topic to the next, just asking “why” or saying “I think” or explaining “this happened because.”

and then in the same night you have those personal conversations because a friend absolutely needs some advice so you have it over the phone, messaging made possible by one’s wifi and the other’s 3G. there it is: listening to a friend and advice being given, listened to and exchanged, digitally and almost impersonally (talking in person would have been better, but you need to talk about this now and I didn’t mind and that’s how we have immediate gratification of everything these days).

I shake my head. I say, it’s not your responsibility and we are not responsible for people’s breaking hearts because everyone is entitled to like who they like, she and you and me and everybody deals with these things at one point in their life. unless they were never in love.


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