I remember Ally McBeal on Studio 23

When my brother and I were kids, back when we weren’t allowed to watch TV on weekdays, I’ve seen commercials of Ally McBeal on Studio 23. So yesterday, when I saw the DVD set in my aunt’s house, I borrowed it.

And had been watching Ally McBeal with my mom all day since.

Until I read that eventually Billy dies. Ever since the pilot episode, I’ve been hooked on the whole “One True Love” thing between Ally and Billy because they’re just so cute together (hello, smelling each other’s butts? Who can’t be sold on those two?). :( Heartbreak number one, Show.

After which I skipped to season 4, where Robert Downey Jr. becomes part of the cast as Larry Paul.

I’ve been signing up for premature heartbreaks and disappointments, I know. Heartbreak number two. :(

I really, really love RDJ’s character and it’s like the second worst thing (or the worst thing, since this is ROBERT DOWNEY JR. PEOPLE) since Billy died (well yeah, I know it was the unfortunate consequence of all his addictions back then but oh, don’t I just wish what if?). But still, I’d continue watching this for Downey Jr. At least he doesn’t die, but I know he’s never coming back. I can always imagine the series ended in some invisible, unfulfilled episode in which Ally follows him and they have a secret wedding. I’m such a shipper, haha.

On another note, I like Ally’s style. Whoever her stylist in the show is, he/she’s good. I like the simple but classy outfits. This show is dated, especially the first season, but I see her clothes and if I wore them today, I won’t look like I’m on period costumes.


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