Long ago on a night of danger and vigil

The title of this post came from Marge Piercy’s poem, If They Come in the Night (which is also the title of the blog for now). The second stanza is particularly spot-on for me:

I said, I like my life. If I
have to give it back, if they
take it from me, let me
not feel I wasted any, let me
not feel I forgot to love anyone
I meant to love, that I forgot
to give what I held in my hands,
that I forgot to do some little
piece of the work that wanted
to come through.

Coding is what I spent most of my hours doing today, actually. For some reason I was too stupid to make the layout work. I tested it in a few browsers so hopefully it looks okay in most updated ones. (I DON’T HAVE IE HAHAHA.) I used HTML5 and CSS3 but I didn’t use any fancy joomla so everything should still be A-OK.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything else completely. I tried to brainstorm again for a design the company Storph could identify with but my creative process stops at the image of a stork. Someone shoot me.

Read a bit of Alain de Botton’s The Architecture of Happiness and I find it really enjoyable to read! The things about architecture could also be applied to other aspects of design, and de Botton writes really well in a way that keeps me wanting to read more. The book even gave me another idea for a thesis proposal, which I’ll try to fix later/tomorrow. Though tomorrow I’m going to PA for Jan, and call-time is at 6am.


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    This is a very pretty layout, though. :) I particularly like the gradual transparencies in the banner.

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