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  • Almost a week with an LG G4

    Almost a week with an LG G4

    I’ve been pretty content with Android since switching to a Xiaomi Redmi Note late November last year.¬†Material Design is pleasing to the eyes, so it’s still refreshing to get an Android design point of view when using apps (with the benefit of still getting familiarized with Android patterns). I still miss the iPhone camera and […]

  • My Android x Windows 8 Setup

    There’s been a lot of excitement for the upcoming Windows 10 recently, but I’m more wary of how the current ecosystem works for me and the other devices that I use. I’ve been exploring how to make Windows more than just my gaming system and for now I’m not so convinced that I should invest in Windows. The […]

  • Making the most of my Xiaomi Redmi Note

    Making the most of my Xiaomi Redmi Note

    I’ve been using a Xiaomi Redmi Note (4G/LTE) for almost a month and I can say that for the value of the phone, it’s been doing really great for me. Admittedly, the cheap price point comes with limitations (camera quality and storage size) but I’ve been able to work around them with some apps and […]

  • Back to Android with a Redmi Note

    The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G became available on the Mi Singapore store recently and I managed to get one, yay! At S$229, it wasn’t bad (around PhP 8k). I wanted to get a bigger phone since it seems to be a trend and I want to study/understand/experience it myself. The Redmi Note seems to be […]

  • Give your Android a sickeningly cute make-over

    I used to have a couple of those cute Korean planner notebooks that seemed like a collage and had cutesy characters all over. They were usually in soft pastels. In high school (or was it grade school?), my humble splurge was on cute stationaries that they sold in the book shop inside our school. To […]

  • the little things I learned today about Android/Cordova/PhoneGap

    For work, I had to help test a cordova iOS app and port it for Android. For some reason, the usual deviceready code wasn’t working: if (navigator.userAgent.match(/(iPhone|iPod|iPad|Android|BlackBerry)/)) { // is on PhoneGap $(function() { document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, deviceIsReady, false); }); } else { // not on PhoneGap } Instead, this worked: if ( window.device ) { document.addEventListener(“deviceready”, […]

  • I have a 2013 Nexus 7 and it’s still not good enough

    Ultralinx published a very good review of the 2013 Nexus 7. And I agree with them: great specs for the price, even if it is around $60 more expensive in the Philippines compared to buying from the US (roughly around $330 compared to $270). But¬†Oliur Rahman echoed exactly the reason why the 2013 Nexus 7 […]

  • From one custom android rom to the next

    From one custom android rom to the next

    I didn’t really wait for a week before updating the firmware and changing roms for the Ainol Novo Venus 7 / Cherry Mobile Bolt. I’ve been doing it a lot during the week: rebooting, installing, testing, and it’s left me quite tired and frustrated in a lot of ways. That’s one of the drawbacks of […]

  • From an iPad to an Android tablet

    From an iPad to an Android tablet

    It was pay-day last week (MONEY!!!!!) so I bought myself a mid-to-low range tablet (not that much money!!!): a Cherry Mobile Bolt (rebranded from Ainol Novo 7). I was thinking if I should get the 2nd generation Nexus 7, but I’m actually waiting for the new iPad Mini to be my main tablet so I […]