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  • Worky Worky

    Worky Worky

    I started my first day of work at Chikka yesterday (as User Interface Designer) and I’m blogging at seven-fifty in the morning because even though I didn’t do much at the office, I was just so tired and sleepy (but I guess waking up at 4.30am because of a nightmare has to do something with…

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  • Sonic-screwdriving the Godzilla Burrito

    Sonic-screwdriving the Godzilla Burrito

    I went with some friends to Greenhills last night where we sonic-ed the Godzilla Burrito from Ristras Mexican Grill (J. Abad Santos corner Lopez Jaena, San Juan). I’m not that big a fan of burritos (because I prefer my rice soft), but hey, I wouldn’t mind trying out a giant burrito with a couple of friends.…

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