Sonic-screwdriving the Godzilla Burrito

I went with some friends to Greenhills last night where we sonic-ed the Godzilla Burrito from Ristras Mexican Grill (J. Abad Santos corner Lopez Jaena, San Juan). I’m not that big a fan of burritos (because I prefer my rice soft), but hey, I wouldn’t mind trying out a giant burrito with a couple of friends. I’d never finish one on my own though. :P

And just to show you how big it is next to a person: 

nothing escapes the power of two sonic screwdrivers
the cut-up burrito

They also have some burrito challenges:

the man vs. godzilla burrito which C and Zachy might actually battle each other for one of these days

And did I mention we had sonic screwdrivers? Two of Ten’s sonic, which Angelica and Cholo both had, and Eleventh’s, which C had:

shipped all the way from the US, whatup

You can’t have three sonic screwdrivers and not go crazy with them.

because you can totally clean your ears with it.
I don’t have a sonic screwdriver, but C and I got silly with his anyway. I know the tongue might look wrong in this picture, but if you know Ten loves licking everything…
but we can look normal, I assure you!

I’ve been blogging mostly about food lately, I’m just grateful I haven’t gotten fat yet. :P New food is so much fun, yeah?


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