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  • 2012 Success Plan

    2012 Success Plan

    I wonder what other people feel like when they wake up on the 1st of January. Or if they have expectations for the morning? Half of me feels like nothing’s changed but half of me also feels a bit hopeful knowing that 2011 is over, curse it (haha) and 2012 is a blank slate for…

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  • 2011: That Unfortunate but Hopeful Year

    2011: That Unfortunate but Hopeful Year

    I guess I consider this my public timeline for 2011 with the memories that I could be more fond of. 2011: I have mixed feelings towards you. You have been a year of regrets, realizations, mistakes, anger, hate, and disappointments. I could have done without you. But there had been opportunities, moments of hope, newfound…

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  • 2011 Gifts Post

    2011 Gifts Post

    Here are some of my more notable gifts from 2011. Mostly gifts exchanged between me and C because I don’t really see other people to get (and receive) gifts much from except for C, haha. :P Again, things aren’t listed in any particular order. Also, I’d like to say that all the gifts I get…

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  • New Hair (and The Best and Worst of 2011)

    New Hair (and The Best and Worst of 2011)

    This is going to be one of the (possibly many) pre-2012 posts (and the first) that I will be making before the year ends. This is also an attempt to use internet memes on my personal life, but I may get it wrong (which is why I’m just posting it here and not on 9Gag!) You…

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