I took a very long break from blogging, and I want to keep making an effort into turning this into a habit (again), and I start with very late posts I should have written around New Year. At least I’m not too late for Chinese New Year? Hahaha. I haven’t really grown up as a […]
Nintendo Cuts Outlook After Soft Demand for Wii U ezralahm: 1)  Nintendo is still very much an Eastern-style company whereas Apple is a very Western company.  A merger or a takeover would be extremely complicated and licensing would be tough given the way Nintendo games are played.  I would also add – Apple may or […]
I recently bought a Nintendo 3DS XL (add my friend-code if you have one! 0232-7880-2450) — primarily because I wanted to play Pokemon (yes) but also because I’m tired of the ‘Western’ games of the iPad. I mean, they’re fun and addicting, but you don’t always get a cute story like that of Okamiden (Chibiterasu IS […]