The premise is pretty simple: collect [randomly picked] items as much as you can, to give you power-ups and other weapons to kill enemies and bosses so that you can advance to higher levels and finish the game. But finishing the game isn’t that easy. The longer you stay on a stage, the stronger the […]
I took a very long break from blogging, and I want to keep making an effort into turning this into a habit (again), and I start with very late posts I should have written around New Year. At least I’m not too late for Chinese New Year? Hahaha. I haven’t really grown up as a […]
Went Guildwars 2 diving with some online players. At least I managed to get the “Best. Dive. Ever.” achievement, haha. Apparently, there are 38 diving spots in the game. It was just digital, but doing the jumps just to get to the goggles from Lion Arch was already nearly heart-stopping for me. Haha.
Nintendo Cuts Outlook After Soft Demand for Wii U ezralahm: 1)  Nintendo is still very much an Eastern-style company whereas Apple is a very Western company.  A merger or a takeover would be extremely complicated and licensing would be tough given the way Nintendo games are played.  I would also add – Apple may or […]