I believe in the whirlwind romances, and not just because I’ve been in one. While a lot of people believe in approaching relationships with a lot of caution and with the safety-net of knowing a person for a much longer period of time, I don’t really believe in lessening risks (or having greater certainty) just […]
Dear You, Thank you for being concerned and being nice and kind when I don’t deserve it. You have a reason to get angry at me. You don’t have a reason to be nice at all. I’ve been running away from everything, but it’s time to take responsibility again. Especially for things that involve other […]
I was chatting with my friend Dan, and while in a conversation, he asked, “maybe everything is a big deal for you?” Which made me pause for a while, because of course, it made me think about why he’d say that. And then given how I’ve been lately, I decided it wasn’t a surprise he […]
I haven’t been that productive in school today. Aside from taking my long test in Western Art History, all I did was sleep, eat, chat with friends, with very minimal studying in between. I thought I’d wasted a day, but I started to realize that today was one of those days when I feel like […]