I believe in the whirlwind romances, and not just because I’ve been in one. While a lot of people believe in approaching relationships with a lot of caution and with the safety-net of knowing a person for a much longer period of time, I don’t really believe in lessening risks (or having greater certainty) just because of time

I’ve taken (and heard of) a lot of things from other people: sound advice, words of caution from people who actually care, smarting ones from others who gossip — and while they were discouraging, I’m stubborn to a fault (sometimes doing things just to prove others wrong even when it’s not the best decision I’ve ever made) and stick to my principles like a bull. Despite everything, I stuck to my decisions and one of the few good decisions I’ve made in the past year was, still, having said “yes” when Charlie asked me: “would you want to go out on a date with me?” 

Reading about other people’s experiences of a quick but amazing romance that lasted years, reaching marriage and even going past that — they’re comforting for me. My relationship with Charlie is healthy and great for the most part, the only problem being my seasons of depression (which has nothing to do with him, but with a lot of people linked with him). Otherwise, I’d feel truly happy. 

I still wouldn’t know how well things will go in the future, but if I can keep my depression in-check to prevent it from messing this relationship up, I believe it can keep being as great and healthy as it is right now. I think it still amazes me and Charlie whenever we think of how perfectly we fit together. Yep, sometimes I just can’t believe it. 

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