Time flies faster at work

One of the biggest differences of college life and “work life” (where I suppose I should start feeling a little more adult now that I’m earning money and have a regular (corporate) desk job, but the fact that I don’t really is a different story) is that time seems to fly faster.

Some days it feels like the time between I check in the office and lunch break crawls by at the speed of a snail. When I check in at 8am and it’s just nine, but why am I already hungry and ready for lunch and I really just want to go for lunch break now I can’t believe I have 3 hours to go. That kind of feeling.

But the days really just fly by so fast that I can’t believe it’s Friday (well, technically Saturday) again. Things just happen. The routine rolls on: wake up, go to work, get home, eat dinner, sleep, wake up, go to work again — and oh, weekend again — and wake up, go to work, get home, eat dinner, sleep.

Last week: I dared to go to the IMMAP Open Mic Night alone, met new friends and was inspired by the speakers, so all in all it was worth the colds that plagued me after. I have a LOT of projects up my sleeve and getting sick really delayed a bunch of them, but I’m feeling much better now so here’s for a busier week ahead. :)

To add to that, there are some personal projects I really want to work on, and all this is making me excited (also tired, but mostly excited). I spent this week feeling all sick and groggy (especially last weekend), but time just doesn’t stop to wait.


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