sick. what’s new?

I’ve been sick the past few days, as I’ve pretty much forced myself to socialize during the weekend (went to my cousin’s baby boy’s birthday party and then another friend’s birthday party) I haven’t really been resting. I also got myself a 3DS so I’ve just been playing Pokemon on my bed when I’m at home. I’m not even sure how that is going to help me with my career or skills and everything, but I haven’t bought myself a toy for the longest, longest time (all the Apple products I have I got with work in mind) so…I suppose it does the part of cheering me and distracting me well enough. 

Meanwhile, Kasey’s design is out (GRAPHIKA MANILA!) and it’s so amazing, I feel like I’m so lame. It’s so beautiful and well-thought of, I wish Kasey believed that it really was good as much as I (and a lot of people from the internet) believe. It just felt so her. :) I’m a really proud friend! 

It makes me think of my poor skills at this point, and I feel that I should push myself harder the way Kasey does. It’s great that she can be an inspiration for me. I was talking to Jeremy last night and he also noticed that I don’t have a particular style yet — something that I thought I had around three years ago but so many things happened to me. I just don’t want to be too pressured finding my own style right now.

I really feel that I suck so much. I got some objective feedback from Jeremy last night since I was asking him for advice about something, and one of his suggestions was to really just apply myself to challenging projects. I should stop feeling so discouraged all the time! That and I think Manila tires me out so, so easily. 

I should actually just finish most of the projects I’ve started with already. That way I’m also starting the year right. :) 


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