Korean beef at Cafe 1771

Had a halloween dinner with a few friends at Cafe 1771 for the 31st, and I tried to go as River Tam, from Firefly. Too bad none of them have watched Firefly before, because only I got what made my clothes still sort-of River’s. Getting Zacky curious and interested in the series gives a point for me, though!

It was such a carnivorous dinner because aside from the desserts, we only had Korean beef and lamb for the night.


I’m not sure I’m a lamb person (not because I’m into sheep) because I really much preferred the Korean beef.

All the while, even though I was enjoying dinner, I was mostly looking forward to finishing our main dishes so that we could get to my favorite part of any meal — dessert!

strawberry cheesecake from Cafe 1771

The cake also had macarons. Macarons which I really loved, which Cafe 1771 also sold, for Php25 a piece. And it’s so near my office, dammit. Why am I always surrounded by sinful food!

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  1. your blog entries are so fun… but maybe better if you post the prices and the address of the resto?

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