The first time for office halloweens

a “Moaning Myrtle” costume that works only in the bathroom

The last time I celebrated Halloween (and went trick-or-treat-ing) was in high school. That sounds…kinda sad. So I felt incredibly lucky that at my first job, I got into a company that had such a fun culture that everybody just took that extra effort to turn the whole office into a haunted house complete with themes: Egypt, the Cemetery, Pirate ship, Castlevania, Ghost Town, Werewolve’s Den, etc.

I was really, really impressed.

Being from Ghost Town myself, I tried to think of some ghost-character to dress up as and C’s boss, Joe, suggested I go as Harry Potter’s Moaning Myrtle. Sadly the costume didn’t work as much as if I just sat in the bathroom. While running around the office, I just look like some schoolgirl from a Korean horror movie, or like a secondary character from an anime. Haha.

Personally I think it was awesome that the office had this kind of thing for Halloween (complete with an event for the kids that ended with requiring them to pass through each area in the office before they get their goodie bags). It was just so fun!


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