Toy Con 2011

it's me in my sheep shirt!

I went with a few friends to the 2011 Toy Convention at SM Megamall yesterday.  I haven’t gone before, but like with the many firsts from this year (Comic Con too, with C), I went to Toy Con with a few friends. I also saw Dan and Marv (I haven’t seen him since he got back from Germany, and of all places, the first time since Graduation was at SM Megamall!). C and I got there a bit late, so we followed our friends for lunch first before going inside the convention. They were at Tokyo Cafe, and it’s where we ate last time too. C and I both bought bento boxes and exchanged pork/shrimp so it’d be like ordering two kinds of food!

it's shrimp tempura, but I forgot what it was called in the menu. this is what C got.
katsudon. I like things with sauce in it, so I got this one.

Rob also caught up and we all went to the Toy Con, where Patrice was hosting. The two of them went their way too, and Cholo brought Angelica to kendo, while the rest of us walked around the place. The toy exhibit was pretty cool. I’m just not that big of a comic/toy enthusiast so all I could do was admire some of them. Although, I remember some toys from childhood, like the alien-looking ones which my cousins used to have and we used to play with all the time. 

it looks like we're in a club, haha
Rob Cham and Patrice. She always looks so pretty.
the place was jam-packed. don't make me begin how the crowd was when Alodia walked through the aisles. stalls collapsed. it was THAT bad.
I like Harley from Batman. I find her character interesting.
Spidey's butt, hahaha. that's the view you get if you're walking from behind.

these are the alien toys I remember from my childhood!

There’s just too many people at Megamall so we all went to Shang afterward.


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