Subspace Coffeehouse with C

Ever since Valerie of blogged about the Subspace Coffee House, I’ve always wanted to visit it. Finally, I got to go there today with C after another job interview! There’s a storm today, supposedly, but for some reason we were lucky enough that while we were walking around Ortigas (we went to the bank first before going to the cafe), the rain stopped for a bit. Once we started eating though, the raindrops started pouring hard again. Fortunately, we were cozy together inside the cafe and since we got a table near the glass window, we watched the rain while drinking hot chocolate and tea. :P I think this was our idea of a warm, cozy lunch.

as soon as you enter the cafe, you’re greeted by an interesting wall
and an even more interesting interior

They only had three sandwiches: spam sandwich, tuna and wasabi sandwich, and corned beef and mushroom sandwich. I ordered the former and C ordered the latter. He doesn’t like wasabi, and I find the taste strange too but that’s exactly why I’m still drawn to trying it, I think. Wasabi and tuna did taste weird. But not bad. Just…strange.

cornbeef and mushroom sandwich
tuna and wasabi sandwich

And guess what else we found there? Energy drinks with faces of SNSD members. C bought three to bring to his boss, Joe. Their office is really into Korean.

I’m not a fan though, so I don’t know who those are on the bottles.If you’re a fan then guess what? They’re just Php40 each!

I took a few more pictures while we were in the cafe —

my dress even fits the chair design. I blend in!
it was pretty much a good lunch date! :)

There was this sheep phone keychain I wanted to get too, but I already have the panda macaroon C gave me (and it cost Php300+, which I just didn’t have that time since we were also buying Graphika Manila tickets) — so I guess I’ll hope it’s still there when I have money again so I could buy it. I just bought a sheep keychain last month for the same price! And a couple one at that, so C has a black sheep and I got a white one. :3


4 responses to “Subspace Coffeehouse with C”

  1. Wow, that looks like an interesting place. Is it also in Ortigas? ^_^

    1. Yeah, it’s in Ortigas. At the end of Fr Ortigas Jr. Rd :) Turn at the corner there, and then it’s before Ruby Rd.

      It’s really just a cafe though so they only serve sandwiches and cupcakes, cookies, other pastries, coffee, tea, hot/cold choco, and I guess some Korean things.

  2. How interesting! Thanks for sharing this, Camille! Will be sure to check this out sometime soon! What’s the medium price range of what they serve though? :)

    1. Their drinks are Starbucks priced and the sandwiches were around Php80-125. I’m not sure about the cakes and desserts though.

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