Love is as sweet as baked dried apples

Following this recipe, I baked apple chips for the second time. The first time was at C’s, when we made white sauce with white wine pasta (so, I know no better way of calling that), and aaaah, it’s so good. For some reason, apple tastes sweeter after being sliced and baked into chips like this. The only thing is that they’re not as crunchy as the commercial ones, but I wonder if it only means I should bake them longer, or if I should finally get myself a wire rack. :P

I want to pretend this is a healthier substitute to junk food when my oral fixation kicks in and I want to chew on something, but I need to keep in mind that apples have a lot of sugar. It’s still natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless.

Talking about sweet, here is a photo of C with his niece from yesterday, when we attended her birthday party. Kids get away with crying, because they are so cute!

C with his niece!

I love it when children are smart and cute and adorable, and even children who say the darnest things, ha!


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