I almost forgot I loved chocolate

I love sweets, but I’ve been living a partly-restrained life that I can say “no” to chocolates now. I don’t eat as much chocolates (or sweets in general) as I did before (luckily, I’m not that fond of cake, except for cheesecake), especially after having sore throat two weeks ago which nearly made me stop eating sweets like cookies altogether, which maybe makes losing weight a little easier (I try to watch what I eat as often as possible). But C bought some chocolates for me and I ended up finishing one of these bars in one day.

Talk about sweet temptations.

Theo & Philo has an attractive packaging. You know it’s a chocolate bar, and they put the kind of flavor it is on the sticker at the bottom. Opening it feels like unwrapping a gift. :P On the picture above, the one on the left is Pili & Pinipig (an expensive version of this chocolate I used to buy from the cafeteria in ADMU sometimes), which I’ve already finished, and the one on the right is Barako (something like coffee). The chocolate doesn’t taste too sweet and it wasn’t too bitter either, so it’s really easy to eat the whole bar without noticing that you’ve finished it up already. It’s that good.

Apparently you can buy it in Podium and Serendra (which are places I could easily go to) and if I’m craving, I’d probably try the Green Mango & Salt one. A mix of sweet, sour, and salty should taste awesome.


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