I’ve been pretty content with Android since switching to a Xiaomi Redmi Note late November last year. Material Design is pleasing to the eyes, so it’s still refreshing to get an Android design point of view when using apps (with the benefit of still getting familiarized with Android patterns). I still miss the iPhone camera and […]
There’s been a lot of excitement for the upcoming Windows 10 recently, but I’m more wary of how the current ecosystem works for me and the other devices that I use. I’ve been exploring how to make Windows more than just my gaming system and for now I’m not so convinced that I should invest in Windows. The […]
Once you go wireless, it’s hard to go back. From home to my commute to the office, I try to keep my things and my workflow as wireless as possible. Here’s my own personal wireless list: from computer setup to apps to photo management to headphones and speakers.
The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G became available on the Mi Singapore store recently and I managed to get one, yay! At S$229, it wasn’t bad (around PhP 8k). I wanted to get a bigger phone since it seems to be a trend and I want to study/understand/experience it myself. The Redmi Note seems to be […]
I want to get a Windows 8 Phone. I really do. C just bought the cheap Lumia 520 (it cost 7k in Greenhills) and it’s really cute (the plastic looks better than Samsung’s stupid silver borders on the S4). I used the phone for a bit and decided that like the Windows UI more than Android’s […]
From a recent thread on the Philippine Web Designers group on Facebook, a site was brought to my attention: http://kristn.com/ I haven’t really browsed through the entire site yet. Upon landing on the page though, I had no idea what it was. All I saw was this sunshine of images I didn’t understand and promptly went […]
The New Galaxy Note (the one with the S Pen) was available for testing at Eastwood Mall today and it was really NOT as impressive as the ads seem to make it. I assume that since it’s the demo device, it didn’t have that many files and it was already loading pretty slow for smooth […]
Before getting my own iPad, I saw how my boyfriend’s brother in-law used his for everything. They played podcasts at work with it, podcasts in the car, for drawings on SketchBook, among other things. And his was an iPad 2, which meant it seems like the device was worth the investment because of its quality […]
I’ve only recently been using Foursquare mainly because I wanted to keep my own personal log of what I’ve been doing or where I’ve been going every day. It’s not very easy to get an overview of it with the app, so using an IFTTT recipe, I managed to sync it with one of my […]