(I know, I missed two work-insights posts. Life happens.)

There are some things I’ve been craving for at work, and they’re not just potato chips anymore.

Sugar. Lots of it, and in any kind.

Sugar. I’m working on some PHP and MySQL for one of our projects and for me, coding those needs a lot of thinking (because I’m not that good in it, and I’m still learning a lot of things). Sometimes I write some code and it works — but by implementing it something else doesn’t. It makes me frustrated, so I end up craving for a lot of sugar to keep my brain gears going.

Although Charlie’s always reminding me not to get too dependent on sugar so much (because while he was in Japan, I ended up eating — yes, eating, not drinking — three packs of Milo in one day. I’d buy from the pantry, pour the powder in my cup, and eat it with a spoon. BEST CHOCOLATE POWDER TO EAT WITHOUT WATER, EVER!) 

Coffe, but the iced kind.

Coffee. Coffee doesn’t always work on me, and I confess I’m not a big fan of it either. But some days I’m just so unbelievably sleepy at work, I just really, really need something to jumpstart some energy just so I can function until five.

Lunch with Charlie.

Lunch with Charlie. This is something I look forward to every day, for obvious reasons, and it doesn’t matter if we’re just eating our baon at their office, or having lunch together at a restaurant. Just last week we ate at Uncle Cheffy just between the streets of our offices (it’s at 2nd floor Wynsum Plaza, Ruby Road, Ortigas Center). Actually, if I hadn’t eaten with my family at Uncle Cheffy in Eastwood last Sunday, I wouldn’t have told Charlie we should eat there because their signage outside doesn’t really market the kind of dining the restaurant actually caters to.

We had medium servings of their cheese pizza, Uncle Cheffy salad (fried pork belly as a salad may…not be as healthy as it sounds, but it’s just too good to pass up), pumpkin soup (always), and calamares. We were so full, we took out leftover pizza. :P

Also, because I’m not a big breakfast type of person, oftentimes the reason I crave for lunch so much is because by 11am I’m already freaking hungry.

My Information Design blockmates.

Blockmates. The people at work are all nice and friendly, and I’m really glad for them, but I also miss my blockmates sometimes. I can only wish Tata and Jamie were nearer so we could take a break and get coffee in the middle of work. But they’re a 10-minute walk from my office, so  taking a break with them would take too long. :( I got to see them for a short while last Friday, and seeing them made me miss those weeks when we’d all be busy working on our thesis, being stressed together. Now we talk about work, our plans, and it just feels nice. I just don’t get to see my blockmates as often as before.

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