When I’m not working: 
  • I’m playing Kingdom Rush on my iPad
  • I’m eating
  • I’m looking through apps I can buy for my iPad
  • I’m playing Kingdom Rush on my iPad

I love how Apple solved piracy, with the App Store. I love all the interesting games and apps I can conveniently buy and download whenever and wherever (app-shopping is such a joy when I’m lying down on my back on the couch or on my bed) and I would never have been addicted to Kingdom Rush (such an awesome tower defense game) otherwise. Splashtop (which lets me use my laptop on a touch screen) is impressive and awesome (seriously!!!) even if I haven’t used it beyond the first moment of test and awe (well, I still might have a use for it one day). 

(it’s like doing powerpoints on a touch screen! I can use photoshop too!)

I remember the time when I was eleven or twelve and I saw people talking about Paint Shop Pro online and I wanted one. So I asked my mom and she got me this pirated CD of Photoshop from a stall in Makati. I let the mistake pass (since I didn’t want to go all the way to Makati or elsewhere just to get one fake CD) and the rest is history. If it were me at that age with the App Store of this time, I could have asked my mom to buy one of the more affordable apps online. Now that I earn my own money, it’s so much easier to spend, spend, spend on the things I want (and not always necessarily need). 

Speaking of apps: I’ve been wanting to try out Pixelmator (on sale for now…and I don’t know when it’ll go back to the original price!) to see if it can perform most of the things I do on Photoshop. Another app I want to try is Sketch. Adobe is so hard to sustain (the last and only Adobe suite I bought was when I was still eligible for the student discount. Luckily, being on CS5 is still being pretty updated — at least for now). It would be nice to just explore other options. 

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