There’s been a lot of excitement for the upcoming Windows 10 recently, but I’m more wary of how the current ecosystem works for me and the other devices that I use. I’ve been exploring how to make Windows more than just my gaming system and for now I’m not so convinced that I should invest in Windows. The […]
I’ve been using a Xiaomi Redmi Note (4G/LTE) for almost a month and I can say that for the value of the phone, it’s been doing really great for me. Admittedly, the cheap price point comes with limitations (camera quality and storage size) but I’ve been able to work around them with some apps and […]
I use Pulse as a reader for a bunch of blogs that I follow. When I opened Pulse on my phone today, I was thrown into a downward spiral of confusion: The articles I see are NOT from sites I subscribed to. I could not find the articles and sites I subscribed to, even when I […]
Spark Camera is free on the iOS App Store for a while, so C suggested that I download the app since it was really pretty for a video recorder+editor. I’m not used to taking videos, more less editing them, so I don’t think I did pretty well compared to C’s tests. It’s interesting because it seems […]
home screen with cocoppa
I used to have a couple of those cute Korean planner notebooks that seemed like a collage and had cutesy characters all over. They were usually in soft pastels. In high school (or was it grade school?), my humble splurge was on cute stationaries that they sold in the book shop inside our school. To […]
JJ saw me using my phone and said, “Do you have the same phone as C?” YES. YES I DO NOW. Because I mentioned it to my mom, and told her how my iPhone 4S is broken (and the people said they can’t fix the wifi), and that this Lumia 520 is only P7k. So […]
Because designing with Adobe on my retina MBP is a pain in the eyes (all those pixels, gahh!) I’m trying to replace my workflow with Pixelmator and Sketch. Unfortunately, it’s not too easy because: (1) Designing for, say, 1144px on Pixelmator makes the canvas look as small as this:  I’m not sure if I’m being […]
I’ve been using Sketch for high (enough) fidelity mock-ups and wireframes on the retina MBP and right now I feel that:  $30 is still a bit too expensive (even on a Sale price) for the current features of this app $50 (full price) is just not worth it Although of course, I’m mostly willing to […]
I’ve only recently been using Foursquare mainly because I wanted to keep my own personal log of what I’ve been doing or where I’ve been going every day. It’s not very easy to get an overview of it with the app, so using an IFTTT recipe, I managed to sync it with one of my […]