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  • App splurge: Sketch

    App splurge: Sketch

    I bought Sketch, which was on sale for almost $30. It’s originally $50. Can’t wait to try out CSS and Grids with this! Plus, another retina-friendly app. Not bad but oh god, that’s also Php 1.6k less money, haha.  I seriously need to go on needs-only mode. So far I’ve successfully kept myself from shopping…

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  • App review: Drafts (iOS)

    App review: Drafts (iOS)

    I downloaded/bought Drafts (for iPhone) a few weeks ago (a month ago? I can’t really remember) and used it maybe twice, but I enjoyed it. I can type on this clean, minimally designed screen and export it to a bunch of services, like Echofon which I use for twitter, Simplenote which is my most-used note-taking app,…

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  • and the list is still growing

    and the list is still growing

    I’ve been keeping track of this project using Wunderlist since I sent the mocks and now I know I’ve been working on it (since pre-contract signing) for 48 days now, and I’m still adding stuff to the list (mostly to do with codes I have to fix).  There are some design details I want to…

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  • app culture is a wonderful thing, I think

    app culture is a wonderful thing, I think

    When I’m not working:  I’m playing Kingdom Rush on my iPad I’m eating I’m looking through apps I can buy for my iPad I’m playing Kingdom Rush on my iPad I love how Apple solved piracy, with the App Store. I love all the interesting games and apps I can conveniently buy and download whenever and wherever (app-shopping…

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