App review: Drafts (iOS)

I downloaded/bought Drafts (for iPhone) a few weeks ago (a month ago? I can’t really remember) and used it maybe twice, but I enjoyed it. I can type on this clean, minimally designed screen and export it to a bunch of services, like Echofon which I use for twitter, Simplenote which is my most-used note-taking app, Evernote (if anyone prefers it), email, etc. I like the black-screen and white-text on my apps (I read Pocket and my e-book reader on this theme) and Drafts had that option, which was something iA Writer didn’t have. 

So today they had an update (now I can export it to SMS!) and released the iPad version. It was $3 so I sat for around, maybe 10 minutes trying to decide if I really needed it. I had Simplenote. I bought iA Writer. Did I really need another similar app? But I remembered that I enjoyed those two or three times I used the iPhone version and how much I wanted an iPad version some weeks ago. Now that it’s here, I’m hesitating!? Yes, because it’s not free. 

I went ahead and bought it, tested it by using it to type my notes while reading some articles queued on my Pocket, and I have no regrets! 

I think it has something to do with how much I really, really dig white-text-on-dark-backgrounds for reading. 


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