Author: camille

  • Never dressed for the weather

    It’s a weird weather season again and unfortunately, I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top when it rained. It was cold most of the day but at least I had my beige blazer/jacket. No sleep for a few days rendered me half-dead. The only thing that got me going yesterday was our Theo151 report, […]

  • In search of the best froyo

    My favorite froyo is the Blueberry Cheesecake one from Pancake House. Right now it’s my de-stressor food, together with anything Japanese, so I ended up squandering a good P275 yesterday for dinner at Teriyaki Boy and even though I hadn’t planned it, I ordered froyo for dinner. I got the Coffee Jelly flavor and while […]

  • Too much is as bad as too little

    I’ve been having too much rest these days. I think I have to start camping out again next week just to stop myself from falling asleep the moment I get home. I was talking to Anna Lou about it and although I find working at home as nice as she does, I just end up […]

  • Hua Mulan (2009)

    Wuxia movies, hm. I never knew I’d get into these. :P I watched the 2009 live-action movie Hua Mulan last Monday and while there were quite a lot of things the film lacked, or I would much rather have seen (but perhaps only a TV series would have had time to explore, such as Mulan’s […]

  • Trying to hype myself up

    If anything, I enjoy learning. With all unadulterated honesty, I really do. For example, I love reading articles and I like researching — I just don’t like writing about them. So when we were making our image gallery project for Flash class, I was really getting into it. Haha. I wanted to do a lot […]

  • Everything is a mistake after another

    I’m starting to feel depressed about this. Temporarily, but depressing nonetheless. Imagine putting a price on two weeks of stress and sacrificing academics with it and really, I try not to think about it, but when I do, I just feel so horrible I want to cry. I really haven’t been thinking much about it. […]

  • Long-distance relationships?

    I watched Going the Distance with my mom this evening and, omgawd, I didn’t know it was such a raunchy-funny kind of movie. Not in a bad way, because it really sent me reeling with laughter. The storyline is ‘meh’ — common and even overused — but if you want something for the laughs and […]

  • Oh, vanity

    Oh, vanity

    I can’t focus. I’m at Matteo, our university’s study hall, listening to Disney music and looking at fashion blogs. I came to school supposedly to be productive until 12pm, after which I’ll head to Cubao to buy stuff for tomorrow’s shoot. And maybe find a nice pair of shoes for myself along the way. ;D […]

  • voila, the rest of your life you’re green

    I bought this on impulse and almost didn’t sleep last night just to finish it. The story is not extraordinary. A romance you’ve read before: childhood friends who grew up together and then drifted apart, only to be brought together by a tragedy with a lot of issues, secrets, and years of sexual tension in […]