What I wore Today

Ok, oftentimes I want to go out because it’s the only way I can dress up (…so I go out almost every day? Hahaha). So today I’m going to Greenhills to say goodbye to Anna Lou. Although I’m going early so I can hang out at Fully Booked then have dinner with Bananalou and maybe Kasey, and hopefully finally get a taste of Happy Lemon.

What I’m wearing: dress I thrift-shopped. Pretty pattern is pretty! And it has no tag/brand so I don’t know where it’s from, but I love the texture. It was missing the belt so I added one, and adjusted the straps because unfortunately, I don’t have big enough of a front to erm, keep the upper part of the dress up.

And you can’t see it in the picture but I’m wearing my white wedges-sandals to sort-of still have a bit of summer in my outfit because if I wore something else, I feel like I might look like I’m out to party (if I don’t already?). Still debating whether or not to bring a jacket because gods know I get cold so easily, but I might not need it anyway? IDK. Whatever. I hope I find some good book to buy!


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  1. Choupy! You look so pretty here – with your hair up like that. ^^

    1. camille

      Thanks :D I always thought pony tails didn’t fit me much, haha.

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