Beginner front-end resources for HTML5 mobile/web apps

I’ve been doing front-end code for a Cordova/PhoneGap app. Despite the whole debate on Native vs. HTML5/hybrid, there are just some projects wherein I have no say when it comes to the client’s preferred language to use (I agree that 100% Native code is better, but like I said, the decision isn’t mine to make).

On the bright side, I’m learning a lot of things when it comes to coding mobile HTML and making apps with Cordova/PhoneGap, so I might as well do my best on my first project (and do better on the next).

Some resources that I found useful

  1.  A Beginner’s Guide to Perceived Performance
  2.  The Pains and Remedies of Android HTML5
  3.  Crossing Platforms between iOS and Android. Extending PhoneGap project
  4.  Essential PhoneGap CSS: WebKit Tap Highlight Color
  5.  Remove Gray Highlight When Tapping Links in Mobile Safari
  6.  FancyScroll.js: Add an iOS/Android Overflow Scroll Effect

Other interesting things to check out

  1. PhoneJS
  2. Topcoat


3 responses to “Beginner front-end resources for HTML5 mobile/web apps”

  1. Saulius Zukauskas

    Thanks for mentioning my tutorial on but I noticed that your link seams to be broken :)

    1. link fixed! thanks for letting me know :)

      1. Saulius Zukauskas

        sure! will be interesting to follow your progress with Cordova app

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