This is a rounded off table of my August purchases and bills. I need…to start budgeting properly. Right now I only have 2 accounts: (a) savings and (b) my old payroll account (which is my spending or allowance account). I almost always pulled money from my savings account to spend on a LOT of stuff this month so “Savings” in that account is currently…a lie. Although I am owed some money, money not in my account just isn’t money in my account, lol.

I think I should keep a Travel account for all my travel savings (considering I bought 2 tickets for trips abroad so far, and I’m still trying to plan and save for Japan). I should start taking my ‘savings’ account seriously. I just haven’t actually saved since quitting my old corporate job in May because: 

  1. I ended up buying a Php 30k-worth iPad (which…is too much for me, really, lol)
  2. I ended up going to HK, where a spent a small fortune (well, first-trip types of mistakes are a bit costly, haha) 

But I also need investment advice. D: Perhaps after a few more serious freelance gigs to add to my savings. There should be a way where I can splurge on traveling and invest on my gadgets while still being able to set aside money for investment or else I will never be financially independent! 

Also: I can’t afford a car right now. Huh. 

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