1. got new lenses for a pair of eye glasses I bought on sale in Taipei. the lens themselves cost Php3k. I have such bad eyes. 
  2. I never tire of watching Justice League or Batman movies with Charlie. Batman is my favorite in almost (if not all) of them. 
  3. I’ve been telling Charlie how I’ve been slowly losing interest in what used to be “work.” and there are many factors that come into play such as: horrible clients, loss of inspiration, discouragement, and a Pandora’s box of personal issues. and that I want to go back to school, maybe around 2014. that, or I work anywhere but (here). 
  4. Charlie will start giving me “homework” (maybe starting january) and I think this is a splendid idea. I think I would ask this of other people as well, just to help myself. 
  5. well, 2013 should sound more exciting. 
  6. i am no longer on instagram and i feel much, much better. 

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