I was looking forward to August but I didn’t expect it to be this unforgiving when it comes to work and other things. I mean, the way things are going, I’ll need to hibernate after two weeks to recuperate. Like today I forgot my phone a SECOND time in TWO weeks. I really have never forgotten it before. I blame it on flash because I wasted my weekend (20+ hours) over 20 seconds of animation for my project. Effort =/= output.

Doing art direction for the next two weeks so I need to build a city and a fantasy world. It sounds exciting (and I am excited!) but not so much when your head is falling off your head onto a hypothetical pillow — and it’s sheer will that’s keeping you functioning. And I thought PD was the most stressful production-job I’ve ever done.

It isn’t.

Bookmarking pegs here (btw, watch them anyway, because these are the best airlines ads I’ve seen thus far). See the backgrounds and sceneries for all of them? THAT’S MY JOB. HAHAHAHA.

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