Since I’ve been camping out at Seattle’s Best Katipunan since last week, I’ve been drinking lots of coffee (and it shows, because my skin reacts badly to caffeine. But whatever. I need to jump-start energy!). I love the flavored latte and mocha. Last week I had hazelnut latte. Yesterday I had white chocolate mocha (and it seemed to work! I was up until 3am, haha) and today I got a cup of hot raspberry kiss mocha and it’s so good! Adrielle was right!

I'll try the iced version of raspberry next time. <3
I'll try the iced version of raspberry next time. <3

Before I resume doing work for Sindikato, I feel fired up to just finish homework for FA172.4 that’s due tomorrow. Sam from class is so good already, while I still can’t code jQuery/javascript on my own. :( I’ve been attending class with so little sleep lately, nothing is getting processed in my head right during lectures. Though last weekend I tackled our Flash project, so this should be just as doable? I think so! I hope so! I did a part of what sir asked us to do, but I’m sure there’s a shorter way of coding it because I know I did the long way. We’ll be coding during/in class for our finals, and we don’t even do that for Flash hahaha.

Despite so much work going on in life, I know I’m going to be learning so many things and challenging myself in every step in the process. During Flash class this morning, Adrielle, Rob, and I were looking at portfolios made in flash and they were so damn good! Creative concepts and beautiful designs — just what I want to be able to make for others (and myself) eventually. Once this semester is over, I’ll give Indioboy a make-over. I mean, really, I better be ashamed if I’m not able to design something dynamic after taking all my subjects.

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