Buying into the commercialized Valentine’s

I love getting flowers~

What do couples do on Valentine’s Day? How does it feel like to have a guy surprise you with things?

Yesterday was the first time I had a “date” for Valentine’s. C made my first Valentine’s day with him (or, with any guy for that matter) special enough. Woke up to a touching letter/email C wrote, was sent music he made, got roses and chocolates for lunch, and then had dinner at Chef Tatung’s. At lunch I didn’t really notice couples but during dinner I was sort-of fascinated on how, yeah, everyone does go out on a dinner date on Valentine’s! I have been a nitpicky and demanding girlfriend lately that, well, now C got so much for me that I have to make up for it somehow!

The music he made is beautiful; you have to listen to it.

It was also the first time I really felt the whole commercialization of the day for couples. It’s easier to ignore the couple deals or the love sales when you’re single because you don’t really need it. But when you have to buy flowers for that special someone, or eat dinner in a restaurant, give a gift — well, how everything is so overpriced won’t go unnoticed. I received all these things and I know that C still had to spend more than usual for me.

Not that you have to spend so much for Valentine’s because there’s so many ways to celebrate it but I just only noticed (how late, I know, haha) how everyone seems to try to milk more money from it (this thought lingers on my mind mostly because last night’s dinner was way overpriced than how much its value felt like).

See, when media feeds you with things like that, which are kinda sweet and might make you teary-eyed if you’re a sap, I used to think that I’m missing a lot by not having a special someone on Valentine’s. I did realize though that it’s less about the flowers and the chocolates and the dinner (that can’t happen without a reservation) but more about the person you spend it with. :) Though, as much as I can say that every day with C is great, I really enjoyed getting flowers again.

That aside, I suppose my curiosity is appeased. I guess next year I’d bite less into how I think Valentine’s day is “normally” celebrated by couples after being part of the commercial bandwagon this year.

so yes, until next year!


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