Supposition of happiness.

  • never too old for a make-up sleepover

    never too old for a make-up sleepover

    so my highschool friends and I waited until AFTER COLLEGE (or at least until the point where we’re graduating) before doing a whole girly sleepover. Complete with nail-painting AND make-up. WHATUP. it’s the first time we did this, haha, I am amazed!

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  • I wanted to be held very tight so I could not break. Even now, when people lean down to touch me, or hug me, or put a hand on my shoulder, I hold my breath. I turn my face. I want to cry. Wasted : A Memoir of Anorexia and BulimiaMarya Hornbacher

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  • What makes a day worth living?

    I haven’t been that productive in school today. Aside from taking my long test in Western Art History, all I did was sleep, eat, chat with friends, with very minimal studying in between. I thought I’d wasted a day, but I started to realize that today was one of those days when I feel like […]

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  • Reminiscing Singapore

    Reminiscing Singapore

    I just received from the mail a card my friend from Singapore sent over a month ago. Yes, Philippine post sucks but I’m just glad it didn’t get lost. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I arrived in Singapore, met new friends, and had one of the best experiences with so many wonderful […]

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  • Post-immersion rambling

    Post-immersion rambling

    The biggest impact immersion had on me wasn’t something I experienced myself, but rather, what my friend experienced (we went to the same area: a farming area in Rosales, Pangasinan). We were doing processing on the third morning and what he said about his “tatay” (adoptive father) struck me. Last Thursday, we were discussing the […]

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  • from last week

  • No more mr. nice guy

    Salad was the only good thing about yesterday. Well, aside from eating dinner with some old friends. But yum, I loved my lunch. I set aside time to prepare it so I can bring some salad with shrimp, oranges, corn, and mango dressing to school. I’m not vegetarian but I love salads and this is […]

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  • Flash Crunch-Time!

    This was a mini flash project I submitted last July. I like flash, but maybe not as much as jQuery, haha. :D Okay, off to working on our last flash project!

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  • awkward hair-growing stage

    One of the things I feel the frustration in is my hair. I just don’t know what to do with it, or how to style it. All I know is I’m growing it because the longest it ever got was a few inches below my shoulders. My bangs are wavy and my hair usually is […]

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