• Islam is a beautiful religion

    Islam is a beautiful religion

    I first learned some of the few things I know about Islam from the best history teacher back in high school, Sir Beni (I kept my notes color-coded only because they were for his class. I drew penguins on every map of Asia/world a we had to sketch for the tests just because I knew…

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  • The destructive touch of Midas

    The destructive touch of Midas

    Everything break-able should be kept at a 5-meter radius away from me. I dropped my camera on the ground and now it’s dented and I’m still wondering if I should have it fixed (if it’s fix-able. I don’t think so though). I’m a walking accident, I tell you, and it’s just so damn unlucky of…

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    OK SINGAPORE, LET THE SUN SHINE. BECAUSE I BETTER USE THIS. WAIT WHAT? AGAIN. I JUST PANDA-SPAMMED YOUR BROWSER, BUWAHAHAHAHAHA. Now I can say I literally, all-for-real, true-to-life, in-real-life have not much money. But I have a panda hat. Before I made this ridiculous purchasing decision, let me spam my blog more with useless pics…

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  • Man can live on bread alone

    Man can live on bread alone

    …and bubble milk tea. I just had two glasses of that today. I think that’s enough for the whole week. I don’t know how long I’ll last with just…bread. Bread is the easiest way of cutting down on money I spend for food. I just eat bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then I eat…

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  • Ambeth and buko pie

    Ambeth and buko pie

    The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is the only place where you can get Ambeth Ocampo and buko pie at the same time. As sir Ambeth’s former student (I took Philippine/Rizal history under him last semester), I had been anticipating Ambeth Ocampo’s talk on Jose Rizal (and no, I didn’t realize they’ll be serving food–which eventually…

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  • Two sides of the same river

    Two sides of the same river

    Yesterday early-afternoon I went to the Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM) to catch the 2pm English tour (I’m still an art student, ok! So I was genuinely interested and I’ve been looking forward to visiting ever since! I left early when I first dropped by two days ago because I missed the English tour). AND I…

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  • In search for the cheapest food

    In search for the cheapest food

    Yesterday, following Advertising Strategies class, Tata and I went to the FASS Canteen and lo and behold! It was even cheaper than dorm food. We bought from this stall a meal that cost $2.30 but had servings for 2 people. We shared this plate, of course. It’s like lunch for $1.15 which wasn’t bad at…

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  • I still die at the sight of sheep

    and there are many sheep here in Singapore! Not real sheep but it’s so hard to resist spending money when it concerns these cute, fluffy creatures that I never got over. I just had to inflict a premature state of poverty buy buying that pillow. There was a cute top I wanted to buy but…

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  • Singapore la! (Part 2)

    Singapore la! (Part 2)

    Going around places on the second day made me realize how much I wanted to buy and how little I actually had for spending. Now, I’m always thinking of money-money when I buy things (converting them into pesos just to know if it’s expensive or not). My biggest cut-off is on food because really, compared…

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