responsive design and client pitches

Right now, I’m testing out waters with a potential client who is requiring me to submit PSDs of 4 different resolutions (mobile phone, tablet, “medium” desktop, wide-screen desktop) and I’m taking around four hours just trying to design for 1 resolution of 1 specific screen.

How I would do it, personally:

  1. Design wireframes for the 4 different resolutions in HTML
  2. Do a PSD for the smallest and widest screens
  3. Create mocks for the 2 middle screens for one page
  4. Proceed with the PSD design for the rest of the screens
  5. Code the designs in HTML/CSS

So, since this is a “testing the waters” phase, I’m not sure it’s the best way to proceed with this workflow (PSD-first and with 4 resolutions per screen design) since it’ll cost me (and the client) more hours. D: I think I should email the possible client about it, and then see if he wants to push through with it still.


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