Short talk on Usability and UI Design for Web and Mobile for Google DevFestWPH — and a summary of all my talks so far

I was invited to speak a non-technical talk on Usability and UI Design for Web and Mobile earlier today. I still suck at public speaking and I think next time I do this, I need to chug a grande cup of Starbucks for some much-needed hyper-inducing sugar. I also realised I am not fun or funny at all. :( 

You can download my slides here:

If you want to want to read up on my other introductory topics, I’ve also uploaded my slides for the Junior FFC last month: Basics of Mobile Web Design here —

It is longer and a bit more detailed when it comes to workflows, examples, patterns, and other guidelines. 

And for my Mobile Interfaces talk at the Form Function & Class 2012 —

(I’m linking the folder because I uploaded the video recordings of some UI samples as well.) 

I realize that it’s a bit hard to talk about Mobile/Web UI without a workshop to explain more of the stuff and see if people have learned things. Which was why the talk for me this afternoon was a little more difficult than usual because I think I’m more effective with exercises than public speaking. Heh. But that’s something I plan on learning from and improving at. Still a lot of things I learn whenever I join in these events. :) 


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