There is time for other things

  1. I’m not practicing my Chinese lessons enough. (Not even consistently.)
  2. I managed to make time to swim a few days a week with C, as some kind of exercise. Twice last week (could have been more if C and I didn’t get sick), but I’m targeting at least three days of swimming this week.
  3. That said, I gained a bit of weight and it’s probably fat because it’s not as if I’ve been exercising enough to gain some muscle. LOL.
  4. I learned that sometimes it can even take 295 days before a hobby becomes a person’s normal routine, and I’m hoping it doesn’t take that long for swimming to be part of my normal routine. 
  5. I’m getting used to cold water. It’s pleasantly surprising. 
  6. All I’m left to balance is reviewing my Chinese lessons every day, plus a side-job. Work + study + cleaning dishes every day should be manageable, because god knows how parents out there manage to raise kids and pay for the bills and shit. 
  7. Sleeping and reading on weekends seem to give my brain a break. 
  8. Life is good.


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