Tired bee

Books we can borrow at the office!
No-shorts rule. I have resorted to skirts and pants.

Saying “I have no time” is such a lame excuse and I’m proud to say that this week had been a week of making time for friends and family, despite the additional eight hours of work each day. I’ve been having lunches and dinners with different people every day, and I’m actually tired of feeling so bloated after these restaurant meals. My “normal” lunch would include a quarter cup of rice and some meat or vegetable and I don’t want to eat a full cup of rice and lost of other dishes anymore!

My desk is still so bare but I’m bringing some of my sheep to the office. I want pretty paper on my wall too, or maybe print out poladroids (since I need new photos anyway). Their only rule is no vandalism and adhesives, so as long as I keep everything clean, I can pretty much make my desk feel a bit warmer. And Post-it’s. I need post-its. I bought this really cool set for C from Bangkok, but now I’m regretting not buying more of that.

I love the fact that there are books in the office which we can borrow. A whole shelf of them! Everyone has been so nice this past week, and I’ve been enjoying all the tasks assigned to me no matter how small or simple they are (composing an email took me twenty minutes just because I wanted to word it properly, and then the person I emailed came over to say, “Yeah, I saw it, but it was so long I’ll read it later.” Bullet-list emails next time? Haha).

My team also has some fun things lined up soon, and I can’t help but feel excited EVERY time we have meetings about projects, be it for clients or internally.

I’m definitely lucky to have gotten this as my first job because I’m loving every moment of it, even the sleepy-tired mornings.


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