C’s Japan Package

This is a post long overdue. My list of pasalubong from Japan that C gave me when he got home. We’ve gone out often after work since he arrived, so I’ve always been too tired to blog about this in the past week (we go out for dinner, but then I’m just so tired every time I get home). I’m actually just starting to play with the sheep toys (SHEEP TOYS!) right now, haha.

what is this creature?

So all of the things I’m going to list fit in the green gift package above. :3

a sheep towel…or blanket
a sheep family!
Totoro apron for when I bake!
Super Mario watch from those egg-vending thingies
and some strawberry and green tea kitkat chocolates

I’ve only eaten one of the green tea kitkats but I’ve been wearing the Super Mario watch these past few days. I’m gonna be donning on that apron on my next bake session. :D

Can you imagine all these fit inside the green gift package from a Ghibli shop? :P


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