Japanese food is a necessity

I’ve been in a depressed funk for a few months now, but I’m slowly getting over it. I want to fool myself into thinking I’m becoming mature, or maybe trying to, or maybe at least now I’m starting to hang out with more friends I don’t have to wallow in self-pity anymore. I’m basically the type of person who welcomes any problem, mine or not, to forget my own.

Or maybe, I just worry too much about my thesis to actually have time to be depressed over the same things.

Last Thursday, I was so eager to just stay outside the house. The suspension of classes last Wednesday made me catch up with much-needed sleep but was a completely counter-productive day that I knew I was signing up for some cramming and more work for this week. Why I am blogging right now I charge under procrastination.

So anyway, last Thursday. Met up with Miggy after MONTHS. I mean, I haven’t been able to hang out with him since I left for Singapore, and that last time was something like over drinks. This time we had late lunch at Teriyaki Boy. There was this time he posted pictures of sushi in his tumblr and I ended up having sushi and sashimi for dinner BECAUSE. For lunch that day, I had tofu, and he shared with me his steak-thingy sushi and sumo sushi. The sumo one really was big. I couldn’t even open my mouth properly to chew.

tofu <3
I love tofu. I think it’s one of those food that you like after you’ve acquired a taste for it since in the past I was totally indifferent to it. :D
sumo sushi. sumo talaga.
sumo sushi. sumo talaga.

Right now I’m just craving for sushi or any Japanese food again. I think it’s going to be something like my thesis food.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Katipunan is also my new best friend. IT’S THE BEST PLACE TO BE, haha. I’m so glad they revamped the whole building and everything; finally having one single building for both SBC and Kenny Roger’s was just perfect. The ambiance is great, the food is good, and there’s Wi-Fi and soft seats for students like me. Been spending free time there for the past two weeks while dealing with thesis and hanging out with friends over coffee. Just yesterday I ate a brownie while helping Jopy with something right after watching Inception at Gateway.

I’m so glad for Inception. It was the right kind of movie in the middle of thesis, haha. Perfect for de-stressing and I swear, I know people who stay away from movies because everyone is watching it but Inception is a MUST. I mean, I would have to watch it again.


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