Seattle’s Best has Moulin Rouge on its playlist

I’m at Seattle’s Best again. I should be studying for our Flash quiz tomorrow but eh, it’s cold and I’m thinking of too many things. I got hungry earlier (I really should stop eating just “rabbit food” a.k.a salad for lunch) and thought I can do thesis/study here, but in the end all I did was eat (it’s only Monday and I have P325 of my allowance left), read a little, go through some fashion blogs, and THINK. So now I’m cold, sleepy, and distracted by my own train of thoughts.

I suppose the fact that I’m strong-willed when it comes to dealing with friends but completely the opposite (extremely weak-willed) when coping with my own life, problems, and frustrations can be somewhat baffling. Sometimes, I think the reason why I want to be of so much help to all my friends is because I can’t fix or help myself. I’d like to believe I give good advice when other people ask for it but when my issues come to hit me in the face, I just cower or get hurt from it.

Think of happy thoughts: at least it seems some of my friends are slowly patching things up, or at least trying to see the bright(er) side. And while thesis is not exactly making me happy (at least for now, because all that it’s doing is dumping more worries and problems on my lap, and on the contrary it’s making my skin asthma start up again. Which is completely horrible because I’m itching all over), at least it’s the best distraction ever.

I keep forgetting I shouldn’t eat chocolates and chicken and seafood this week. Unfortunately, the first two on that list were the things I’ve eaten since I got to school. Good job, Camille.


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