Lost some “innocence” but not an ounce of clumsiness

Compared to freshman college, I can ride with “green” jokes now, having learned a lot from friends, hahahaha. Not in an offending way, but yeah, for jokes and hirit and stuff like that. Despite this, I am just as clumsy as I was back then. NOT EVEN FOUR YEARS HAVE CURED ME OF THIS.

Yesterday morning, while jogging at Moro, I tripped down the oval. D’: I don’t know how but I did and I fell on my left knee then crashed on my right leg. Good thing I was wearing jogging pants so I didn’t get any scars and aside from some pain, I really seemed okay!

And then this morning, I fell down the van on that same left knee, hit my bag on the step, and crashed on the ground. Except know my knee effing hurts. I know a bruise will start making itself visible later. Fortunately, I’m wearing pants again but the whole incident ruined a part of my shoes. :'( And whenever I walk, my knee scrapes my pants, and it hurts again.

Probably not the best way to start a long day in school. But thank you Lord for the library and air con. I just wish I had some ice to put on my leg.

Yesterday, I ordered espresso while waiting to be picked up at Seattle’s and I think it works on me. Except eventually I still slept early-ish, around 1am, because I gave up trying to figure out Philosophy. It was more of a mindfuck than Inception will ever be. Hopefully some leftover caffeine can energize me even for a quarter of the day. :( Morning = not so good.


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