If I try to start counting the good things to counter disappointment, today’s would have been:

  1. finding my Stephen Speaks cd and listening to it on the way to school. Yes, I used to listen to the album years ago and it was so nice singing along with my brother in the car.
  2. Tofu steak and egg+shrimp maki for dinner. Yum.

My life’s starting to settle back in a more school-centered pace (after the Sindikato job I’ve been doing for two weeks). There’s Bananalou’s thesis to PD this coming Monday (with the next shoot on the 5th of September) but otherwise I can focus on my own life again. And I guess, frankly speaking, I’m looking forward to it. When I said I was excited for August, I didn’t know it could fly by so quickly by springing a LOT, LOT of to-do’s. Stress and friends (who I sometimes called stress-buddies!) balance each other out but I guess September calls for some alone-time?

I saw this video on foldable furniture made in Italy and can I just say, it’s SO FREAKING AMAZING. I want these in my room NOW. And in my future home too. Engineers, designers, teams — a bunch of people all work on to make these possible, which just shows how much collaborations can be more effective. Interior designing had never been this effing genius.

Amazing amazing amazing amazing.

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